Rug Cleaning

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Rugs are a popular addition to the home for many reason. Perhaps you just want a comfortable surface to walk on, or you bought a rug to add decor to your home. Whatever the reason, you need to keep theses rugs clean because a dirty rug not only looks bad, but it can release dust in the air. Regular vacuuming helps, but at some point you will need to call in a professional rug cleaner. If your rug is looking dirty or worn out, a professional can remove the dust and stains and restore your rug to like new condition. New York Area Rug Cleaning provides a top rated service for rug cleaning in NYC. We have years of experience cleaning all types of rugs, including Persian and Oriental rugs.

How We Clean Rugs

Our 9 step rug shampoo cleaning process is based on years of experience and the best practices in the industry.
  1. First, we inspect the rug. It is important to examine for rug damage, stains and odors. We then create the most effective cleaning process for your rug and which cleaning solutions are best.
  2. Once the inspection is done we use a dust beater on the rug to remove loose soil
  3. We then pre-spot any stains to loosen them from the rug fiber.
  4. After these steps we soak the rug in our pool with our green cleaning detergent. The soaking penetrates into the rub fiber and releases the dust and stains ensuring your rug is getting a thorough cleaning.
  5. After cleaning we rinse the rug and then place it in our centrifuge drying machine. This gets rid of the dirty water so your rug dries clean.
  6. When the rug is fully dry, we rake the rug to restore the pile.
  7. If your rug has fringes we groom and clean them.
  8. After the fringes we lay the rug down for a final inspection to ensure it is clean and dust free.
  9. Finally we vacuum the rug again and package it in plastic wrap for delivery. If you want to store your rug our wrapping will keep out dust and bugs.

Why Choose Us?

Our rug cleaning service is highly rated with hundreds of happy clients. Our pick up and delivery for rugs is free. If you need more information about our service you can schedule a free onsite quote. You can call us at 347-535-1300 and we will answer any questions you have about our services.  
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